• 025 - Great Gray Owl



    3.5" x 5.5"


    Born from the frustrations of using a smart phone app to take birding notes and the need for space to make small field sketches, each Original Layout pocket notebook provides you with 23 days of birding, plus two pages for general notes.  Every 2-page (one-day) spread includes all of the pertinent data fields needed for future eBird entries, a free space for notes, sketches or observations, plus a listing page for species lists and tally marks.  The inside cover of each notebook provides space for dates, locations and of course your Life List statistics. Since we all forget the difference between supercilium feathers and auricular feathers each notebook contains a handy map of bird anatomy and a short list of useful birding abbreviations on the back inside cover. And no field notebook would be complete without a ruler so we included a 5 inch ruler on the back inside cover.