• 012 - Belted Kingfisher



    3.5" x 5.5"

    Unlimited Uses

    The inside of each notebook features 48 pages of lightly printed 100% waterproof grid paper. This is the notebook for trips to the Amazon during the wet season, pelagic trips on the high seas, and penguin expeditions. This is also the notebook for you if you have a habit of putting your field notes through the washing machine.  The grid layout is ideal for the birder that does not like to be told how to take notes, for the Central American birder continuously listing 80 or more species on every trip afield, this is the layout for the extreme birder.  

    Standard Features

    The inside cover of each notebook provides space for your contact information, dates, locations and of course your Life List statistics.  Each notebook contains a handy map of bird anatomy since we all sometimes forget the difference between supercilium feathers and auricular feathers.  And no field notebook would be complete without a ruler so we included a 5 inch and a 7 centimeter ruler on the back inside cover.


    Each notebook cover is printed in full color on waterproof and tear proof paper and finished with a protective UV coating.  Listing pages are printed on Yupo tear-resistant waterproof paper.  And each notebook is printed in the United States using 100% green energy!

    Note to Users

    We suggest using pencil, ball-point pen or fine-tipped permanent pens in waterproof Life List Notebooks.